Built in Melbourne, Australia

Improved on the road in Albury and Newcastle and Split and Rye and London and Yea and Ballarat and Glasgow and Tbilisi and Narva and Las Vegas and Bendigo and Montreal and Port Macquarie.

Improved on the road in Las Vegas

Born of frustration, built with hope

We've spent more time thinking about meetings than a lot of people.

Over that time we've come to understand that running and organising meetings requires skills which take time to learn and are rarely taught.

In workplaces, in community groups, and wherever we go, we see people and organisations struggling to build those skills. And when key people move on, we see organisations losing valuables skills and having to rebuild them.

It made us frustrated and sad to see the time and effort wasted because of these difficulties.

We were sure there had to be a better way, and that's why we built Meetniq. It nudges you to good practice, and automates the boring stuff so can be better organised and not waste time, no matter what your currently level of skill and experience with meetings.

Meet the people behind Meetniq

Meetniq is the product of Sky and Keira. We're software developers, usually based in Melbourne, Australia.

Between us we have 40 years experience of getting things done in small business, public service, management, community groups and software development. We even met organising a political campaign!

We say usually based in Melbourne, because we love to travel, and we are often found working remotely, meeting people and learning things. Wherever we are, from Tarcutta to Tbilisi, we're working to improve Meetniq.

How Meetniq is special

We learned to build software specifically so that we could build a tool to help people have better meetings. We weren't already software engineers who were just looking for a product to build.

We think that's what makes Meetniq special.

We took our decades of experience of management and campaigning and turned that into software to help people.

We brought the quality from engineering, the pragmatism from small business, and the care from community campaigning, and mixed it in.

How Meetniq gives back

In addition to that, when you use Meetniq, you're supporting free access to the platform for small, progressive activist organisations, so we can support them to make the world better.