Meet better.

Focused, faster meetings so you can spend more time where you'd rather be.

What will Meetniq do for you?

Looking sharp

With clear and beautiful agendas, minutes and task reminders, you'll always look professional and well-organised.

Stay on track

Assign tasks to individuals or groups. Meetniq will send reminders to you and your team, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Be efficient

Meetniq guides you to create clear, structured agendas to keep your meetings focused. From there, one click creates a minutes template.

Best practice

Meetniq will nudge you to best practice, prompting you to record decisions, assign tasks with due dates, and stay on time.

Meetniq noun

MEET • nik

Definition: A platform that makes meeting documents beautiful, reminds your team of their tasks, and keeps all your decisions in one place.

"It has made recording and sending the minutes easier, and given them a more consistent and professional look."


"Using the program's simple tools, and clear formatting has really improved the quality of our minutes. It has not only helped keep the committee on track, but has given us a greater sense of making progress."


"The best part is that it manages our actions by sending reminders. Once actions are minuted there is no losing track of them."


"’s really boosted the usefulness of our meetings."

Peace News

Meetniq is for anyone who wants to get organised.

All about the numbers?


Meetings in the USA which don't have a clear agenda.

The Harvard Business Review says that the most important thing you can do to have a successful meeting is to create a clear agenda. Meetniq makes this easy, giving you clear, detailed agendas to keep your meetings focused and productive. It can even tell you exactly what time a meeting should aim to finish.

2 hours

Busy-work Meetniq can save you for each meeting.

The time you spend in meetings is only part of the picture. It also takes time to compile and distribute an agenda, then write and distribute the minutes. Add to that the time it takes to follow up people who've had tasks assigned to them. Meetniq slashes this busy-work to free up time for other things.

$37 billion

Annual wastage on unproductive meetings in the USA.

This is why meetings have a bad reputation. People think they're a waste of time and money. And let's be honest — an unproductive meeting is a waste of time and money. But meetings are also essential. Meetniq gives you the tools to have meetings which are fast, focused, and productive.