How it works

Informed by decades of meetings, we've baked in best practices and time-saving automation.

Meeting agenda

A good agenda is the foundation of a good meeting.

Meetniq makes creating great meeting agendas easy, whatever your level of skill and experience.

  • Prompts you for all the important information
  • Formats the meeting agenda beautifully
  • Allows you to attach other documents
  • Calculates the meeting end time to keep your meetings focused
  • Includes a list of outstanding tasks to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Emails it out to everyone
A screenshot of the Meetniq app.

Meeting minutes

Capture the brilliance with great meeting notes.

Meetniq makes it quick, easy and painless to produce great meeting minutes.

  • Agendas automatically create meeting minutes templates
  • Capture decisions and tasks during the meeting
  • Tasks are summarised in their own section
  • Other document can be attached too
  • Emails it out to everyone
A screenshot of the Meetniq app.

Follow up

Automatic task reminders to handle the awkward.

Do you wish that someone else could remind people to do what they said they'd do? Meetniq will do that.

  • Collects and tracks tasks assigned in meetings
  • Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups
  • Emails reminders to people when their tasks are due
  • Participants can manage their own tasks with a magic link, so they don't need a Meetniq account
  • Meetniq sends task reminders so you don't have to
A screenshot of the Meetniq app.


Stay organised, and look good doing it.

Meetniq captures decisions and tasks and stores them for you. Your documents look polished and professional, with minimal effort.

  • Meetniq's documents have been designed with the benefit of decades of experience
  • Attachments can be sent out with agendas and meeting minutes
  • Agendas and meeting minutes are sent as emails with PDF versions also attached.
  • All your decisions are kept safely in a searchable list
  • Keep a copy of all your meeting minutes and agendas in one place
A screenshot of the Meetniq app.